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Office Design Interiors has been proudly serving from the Monterey Bay to the Bay Area over 10 years.  ODI leads a team of some of the most gifted Interiors Designers, Project Coordinators and Installers in the Bay Area. ODI Provides a full range of service for your office needs from space planning to the complete office installation. 




ODI had recently expanded and was looking to integrate all their services: office planning & design, delivery and installation on a e-commerce platform. 



My role


  • UX Research

  • User Flows

  • Wireframing

  • Illustrations

  • Prototypes

  • User testing

  • Visual Design




Redesign the current website and successfully merge its new services while creating a smooth user journey throughout the site.

  • Seamless interactions throughout the page, the individually services and as a whole.

  • Quick and effect product list and checkout process.

  • Responsive site.

install copy.png


THe Process

User Research

We learned from our user interviews that customers had issues and difficulties dealing with multiple office service providers. Most office e-commerce sites lack of great user experience makes customers work with referrals and local providers. 



Customers working with an all-in-one service providers made the office makeover smoother. At the same time the interiors design process, delivery and its installation can be a complex process.

Product listing

The office design and installation is a tough process itself, the current lack of great online user experience makes it much more difficult for potential customers.



After testing a variety of checkout user journey flows were we were able to integrate the installation to be show the experience based on quantities and geographical location in the west coast. We also set up a high minimum quantity throughout the west coast for installation services. Thus, satisfying ODI owners wishes and improving the shopping experience for the user


Linear, Seamless check-out process 

It was important that our checkout process did not confused and intimated potential customers. We wanted to create the peace of mind through out the process with its simplicity linear checkout and data security.