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Office Design Interiors has been proudly serving from the Monterey Bay to the Bay Area over 10 years.  ODI leads a team of some of the most gifted Interiors Designers, Project Coordinators and Installers in the Bay Area. ODI Provides a full range of service for your office needs from space planning to the complete office installation. 




Working on this project was very interesting. The business owners wanted to integrate all their services: office planning & design and  delivery and installation on a e-commerce platform. Making all these services work collectively, while creating a productive experience was challenging. 

Not only is having a quick and effective checkout process difficult to accomplish, but adding installation and delivery makes the user experience that much tougher. Another challenge is setting up the layout with all its content while establishing an easy user journey experience. 




Through the interview process we were able to obtain in-depth understanding of the experiences the user encounter. We did some competitive research to pin point needs well executive. Understanding the office planning process was key to execute a relevant experience for the target user.




Selecting office desk with its compartments can be a bit difficult and overwhelming to the user during the shopping experience.  On the matter of installations,  ODI owners wanted to approve installations on projects that “made sense”.  The challenge was in developing a method that would identify transactions that “made sense” to grant automatic approval during the shopping cart process. 



Wireframes & USER FLOW




Through the discovery phase we were able to pin point user needs and understand the ODI ideal client criteria better.  We collected data and implemented a variety of approaches. Through testing and integrating, we identified a viable solution. 



After testing a variety of checkout user journey flows were we were able to integrate the installation to be show the experience based on quantities and geographical location in the west coast. We also set up a high minimum quantity throughout the west coast for installation services. Thus, satisfying ODI owners wishes and improving the shopping experience for the user