Never Satisfied - Apparel

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Never Satisfied sportswear is an online athletic apparel inspired by four time NFL Pro Bowler Mike Iupati. 

Never Satisfied Sportswear (“NS”) strives to motivate and encourage athletes around the world, to push to become better individuals on and off the field. NS challenges athletes to evolve physically and mentally; to take control of their challenges





The NS team objective was to enhance the e-commerce user experience through out the product listing and the checkout process. 

It was important to redesign the NS website and improve shopping experience with users who struggle in:

  1. In the time spend locating items and selecting the right design and size shirt.

  2. Feeling at ease with data security through out the final checkout phase.

  3. Identify the core values of the NS Team.



My role

End-to-end : Lead a small team with a focus on staying on track with meeting target users needs and wants.

  • UX Research

  • User Journey

  • Wireframing

  • Iconography

  • Visual Design

  • Prototypes

  • User testing





Our approach was to understand the users challenges and problems with the product listing throughout the site. 

Visitors often had difficulties understanding the NS overall message. Was it a clothing company with a motivated message printed on the shirts?  Or what was the uniqueness about each shirts?  

Through the research, we were also able to understand the confusion within each shirt design and its product. 




The product listing

Since the NS team had clean out their current inventory to one shirt but with multiple designs. After a couple of iterations we were able to come up with the product containing individual images, and attributes; making it a simple user interaction between each design.